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Passport Control

Some weeks ago, I came back to Germany from having been abroad.The woman at the airport, wanted to see my ID Card in which is a photo of me without a beard. She looked at it and said:

“Well I think you are in a transition and this name tells me that you are female, but as you are having a beard which is a male feature, you need to change the picture in your passport.” I told her, that men do not have to change a picture in a passport if they are wearing a beard. She did not want to accept. And insisted that I soon need to change my passport.

I was tired and not in the mood of discussing, and I must admit I was scarred that if I did say anything wrong it could end in a difficult situation.

I passed the control and felt disappointed. A woman had told me this. And I had expected her to be supporting. I have traveled many countries in the last years, but never anyone dared to say something about my photo in the passport and my beard. They did look confused, or did ask, but never  told me to change the picture!

I got angry, and thought typical for the Germans! Some time ago they told the Jews to wear a star on their clothes so they could recognize them, and now they tell me to have the bearded picture in my passport so that things are more clear and sorted. I think people need to be informed in order to understand that there are not only two genders. To understand that between the two genders there are so many variations possible and that some people do not fit in any of the boxes. And that this is ok. No fear. Just a variation. To be curious instead to be scared. Well a lot to learn a way to go……

Bearded women – accepted?

I don´t know how many women in Germany are wearing a beard. How many are there on our planet?

I have met four women with a beard living in Germany. All of them are accepting the fact that they have a beard and they let it grow. Perhaps there are more. And there are more for sure in America, and other countries. Some women in the UK are participating in Movember to raise money for a good cause by letting grow their facial hair.

Some years ago, it was impossible for a french actor who had a show about a bearded woman to find real bearded women, someone told me. Well something seems to have changed since then! I feel there is a gate open now to be more yourself and more and more women are having the courage to just be the one they are, and in this sense to say well there is facial hair and I am not going to laser or tweeze it.

Perhaps in some years it will be possible and quite normal and accpted that some women are wearing a beard. And it will be not a problem to find a job, bearded women won´t be bullied anymore. People will be used to a womens face with a beard. Conciousness will have changed and poeple are living their individuality. They will see that it makes everyone richer, if people are living their potential and if people are accepting who they are and what they look like. The trend that had been “normal” in the past: to look like a model in a fashion magazine, will be over.

The fashion, if you want to call it so, will be to look like yourself! 


Schooling the World – Movie

A very interesting and eyes opening Documentary about Schools and Learning.




Walk a mile by Ilona

I like the life music of Ilona. She has a great voice and I enjoy listening to this song.

About looking at facial hair on women from a Sikh woman

Another Bearded Woman in Indonesia

A short report about a woman in indonesia, who did hide her beard for many years under a hijab. She wants now to be accepted, as she is and shows her beard in the public. See the video down below for more information

Excerpt of the video:

 “A mum-of-two has bravely embraced her beard after years of hiding behind a hijab. Agustina Dorman, 38, first started sprouting thick facial hair days after giving birth to her first child aged 25. Ever since she has hidden her face under a hijab whenever outside in Penaga village, Indonesia. But she had bravely decided to ditch the clothing and accept her condition – regardless of the stares and unwanted attention she now attracts. Agustina – who also sports a mild moustache and chest hair – says that whenever she attempted to cut or shave the beard she experienced unbearable pain. After several attempts to rid herself of the goatee, she was forced to let it grow. And scared that her children – aged 19 and three – would be bullied for their mother’s appearance, Agustina hid away under the hijab. Among Indonesia’s large Muslim population, Agustina could move about without attracting unwanted attention. But she says her eldest child began to receive taunts from others who found out about their mother’s unusual condition. It led the brave mum-of-two to confront her children’s tormentors by unveiling herself and freely walking around their village for the first time this week. She hopes that through education about her condition, people will become accepting of her appearance. Earlier this year [...]“

I have the impression that more and more women want to be themselves and to be accepted as they are.

How to do the work of Byron Katie – great Self help method


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