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Documentary about the life of Madame Delait

The new documentary by Hélène Michael – Bechet, named “Un Poil Different.e” had  premiere in France and will be shown on French TV France 3 on the 30th of october.  This is the link to the page of France 3 for more informatinon: 

Another possiblity to watch the film in French is at Vimeo as Video on Demand for 4 or 7 Euro. LINK Here: 

Beard Exhibition in Berlin until 3rd of July 2016

20151210_161840The first exhibition in Berlin about Beards is taking place in the Neues Museum in Berlin, Germany. The exhibition started in December 2015 and will end on the 3rd of July 2016. Objects that are related to shaving and beards from all the different museums of Berlin are gathered.

I am very proud to have contributed an installation to this exhibition that I did build and design myself. It is a rebuild of the show booth, or hut, that I was travelling with, around europe to festivals during the past 5  years, mainly to festivals in Italy and also to france, denmark, sweden and germany. the purpose was to inform and show photos of bearded women from the past and from today to let people know, that this phenomenon really exists and that it is quite common for women to have facial hair.

In  doing this it happened that I also used my skills to give psychic readings and palmreadings in the hut and so  it was a mix of informing people and talking with them about their lives and their interests and issues about body and facial hair.

For many it was a challenge and scary to confront themselves with a bearded woman.I did enjoy the intense and intimate contact that I had with people. Some came back to let me know that I did support them and help them on their path in life, which made me very happy and grateful too.

20151209_181152Interesting was that for many it appeared on first sight,  that I was just another show on a festival and interpreting that like in other shows all was just a show and fake: my beard or my breasts or both, the beards in the photos should be photoshoped and what I would tell them by doing readings would be made up too. And then finally when really confronting themselves and being open, they did find out that all was real and not made up at all! Shocking and surprising and opening up doors for many too.

The rebuild version for the museum is a bit smaller, as the ceilings are quite low and it has no roof, but the pictures are improved, I really tried to make them look like old photos and it took me more then two months to do research and build and paint and make the photos to be ready to hang them.

bartclub-10-12-2015The installation is like a second exhibiton in the exhibition of mainly mens beards, showing more than 50 pictures of women with beards. Some women with beards, mainly from the US, did contribute to the exhibition in writing a one pager  about themselves. On a table inside the installation you can sit down and read what they wrote – or watch a short 8 minute interview with me in german.

20151216_172813 So far the interview is only available in german with no subtitles, as there was not the capacity and time for the team that did curate the exhibition to do so, as there was quite a lot to organise. Some of the text in the booklet on the table is in english and I am working to translate the rest as well, so to have both languages for people visiting from other countries that do not speak german.

For those who cannot make it to Berlin there are some videos about the exhibiton – just in german language – so far..- but well, you get some visual impressions. Enjoy!

In the second video you see my installation in the beginning of the video….

The following link is from ZDF german TV Chanel:

And this one from ARD another german TV Chanel:

This following video is without words just shoing pieces from the exhibtion:

The Sun UK About Bearded Women

Mariam SUN 2016 MarchToday an article was published in the SUN in the UK written by Diana Appleyard, about three bearded women: Harnaam, Sarah Taylor and myself!

I am happy, that more and more the media is opening up and helping to raise awareness to the reality that some women have facial hair and that women do not have to fight against their body or facial hair. That they can choose to embracee and accept it! For too long women have tried to adapt to ideas of society and now it is time to be free and walk the path they like to walk!

Some women who have a beard might feel between man and woman and I for myself can say I do not feel like a “woman” as defined by society . – We humans can not be divided into only two categories! We all have so many aspects and I feel I have a lot of male but also female aspects so that I cannot say I am just woman in the sense of what women are described to be. The words : Woman – man are labels that take our freedom to be as we are. Why should a man be hard, not cry etc and a woman should behave in a womanlike way not being allowed to sit with legs wide open or climb on trees or repair some items in the house? We are living in a time where we have more and more awareness and are free to live out of this box thinking!

For generations it was not possible for people to live as they would have liked for the social pressures and dependencies. This is so much more possible today and  there might always be some kind of dependency – but we can move towards being as free as we can and want.

Link to the article:


The Visit by Juan Hein Exhibition in Buenos Aires 2015

In 2010 the photographer Juan Hein took photos of me in Copenhagen Denmark.

The photographic work with the title: “The Visit” was created. In October 2015 these photos were exhibited in a galerie in Buenos Aires!

It is amazing how far they have traveled! It is the third place where they are being shown after   having been shown in Denmakr and Italy in the past years.

juan hein the visit buenos aires



THE SWEDISH BEARD BIBLE – Book release planned April 2016

the swedish beard bibleOn April, 15th 2016 the swedisch book about beards published by  Eric Thorsson and Axel Naver will be available in English!! Thats the date planned so far. The book was planned to be released already in December 2015 but unfortunately it had to be pushed further out. So hopefully now in Spring 2016 it will be available!


Article about the book from Australia

This book contains many interviews with bearded people, and one chapter is about me!! I am very happy that it is now available in swedish and in english!

Axel Naver und Eric Thorsson have a blog in swedish about Beards here is the LINK.