Day 1 Diary of being with a beard

And then it happend. Sometime it had to happen. It took more than 23 years. And then it happend. Here I am. Some things have to happen some time anyhow. Nature cannot be denyied. Now my hair are allowed to grow. They may be. The beard may be. It is the end of a battle that durated more than 23 years. A battle against a phenomena that was natural, and whos beauty and power I did not want to see.

A photograph of Jennifer Miller convinced me.

This is what I want to be. Everything is ok the way it is!

I find myself beautiful. -. I love my long hair and I am happy. I am Woman – I am man – I am. Everything is inside of me. The old limitations and drawers are starting do dissolve. Who sais I am a woman? What makes a woman out of me? And is a woman with a beard no longer a woman? What about all the intergradations? To

To adhere to my beard – to adhere to me, opens the doors towards myself, that have been locked bevore. To accept myself, to be honest to myself and to take the space that I need brings me into balance and makes me whole.

No simulation, no running away anymore. Just to be who I am. Thats the future.

I think humanity is moving towards a time of being open and honest with one another.


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