foto493This is just a small blog…the main blog is in german….http://fraumitbart.wordpress.com

I am writing about my life with a growing beard.


6 Responses

  1. This is a lovely blog! You look so happy! Thank you so much for this. It’s wonderful and an inspiration.

  2. Your beard looks great on you! There’s a lot of men who wish they could grow a goatee of that stature! And the way your mustache connects with your beard..is perfect! Thanks for being your beautiful, sexy self!!
    Cheers to you and your beautiful beard!!

    Keep it growin’ !

  3. Wow you’re one brave lady!!! Kudos to you, I imagine what kind of negativity you have to face from ignorant people… Much happiness and love to you, and I wish people in this world had more acceptance, then everyone would be much, much happier!

    • Thank you Vava!! Yes we are all working together on this planet for more acceptance and happiness…. seems as if it needs some patience too sometimes….:)
      Much happiness and love to you too!!

  4. I am profoundly moved by your courage, I also have beard potential, and you inspire me to accept myself as I am. Thank you for being yourself. I am very impressed.

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