293 days with a beard….

The video on the webpage of Brigitte.de caused quite a lot of reactions. Now it is also on the stern.de page and I found more comments there. Many people who write there don´t like it. Find it disgusting …..On the other hand if I count all the comments together, I have much more positive reactions than negative. There are other pages in the internet where people find it courages and start to discuss about the attitude towards having a beard and themes related with it. Great! I am very happy and amazed!!

Yesterday a filmteam made another film of me, which will be shown in Sat1 on thuesday, 26th of may 2009, at 22.20 in Akte 09. It was fun what we did.


One Response

  1. I think your beard looks great! Keep it! You look gorgeous with it! And your mustache is nice too! Overall I’d give your beard a 8.5..soon to be a 9!!

    Take care and your a very powerful woman!!

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