Day 330 Diary

Another hot day. Sweating. I was sorting and cleaning the childrens room of the child that I was babysitting. I like that! Some mothers won´t believe me when I say this. But it is true. I love toys as well as I love slides and playgrounds! I love to look at all these colorful plastic toys and to see all these different shapes and colors….and eversything is different again…enjoy just looking…

So today it was great sorting all these little toys into boxes, on which I wrote Cars, or Monsters, Dinosaurs..and so on. And in the end of the afternoon the room was so nice.

So most of the day I had forgotten that there is still a beard in my face. In the evening when I talked to a friend who works for the theatre she told me that she just had finished two fatsuits. And she and her colegue went out on the street with these fatsuits on them. Both now looking like two fat naked women. And the people in the street reacted similar like they do when a lady with a beard walks down the street. Some were imediately laughing. Others did not look, but after they had passed by and they thought noone will see them, they starred at them.

I would have liked to join them. Either wearing the fatsuit myself…or accompaning them as a woman with beard…….


Day 329, Diary

Dresden Spielplatz im HechtviertelIn the afternoon I was babysitting and went to a playground with animals, which is called Panama and is next to the Künstlerhof in Dresden. Dresden has quite a lot of nice playgrounds. On this picture it is a playground in Hechtsviertel in Dresden with nice colorful paintings on the walls around. We stayed on the playground of Panama until it closed around 7 pm. It is open every day from 9am to 9pm.

There is a place to climb on with an exit down throu the earth. Something that I would have been fascinated as a kid.

Today two people on the street talked to me, as they had recognized me from the film they had seen in TV about me. both were positive about what I do. That feels great to have people supporting me.

Gwendolin send me an email today. She made a drawing for a postcard about not shaving.

I want to share this with you. The words mean: From birth to death we keep our hair. Free growth of hair for all genders and parts of the body. Well in german it is a rhyme……

Gwendolins Postkarte

Day 326 becoming free….

Becoming free is not changing yourself
into someone you think you should be.
Becoming free is understanding that there is nowhere to go,
nothing to do and nobody to be except
exactly who you’re being right now.

Michael Roads

Yesterday was a quite day. Raining and I was reading. One book I read is called:

One thousand beards by Alan Peterkin, A Cultural History of Facial Hair. Some pages are about women and beards, more historical…

A photographer called Trish Morrisey is mentioned in the book.

Some years ago she had worked about women with beards and the exhibition called fe/male was shown in London and 2001 in Vienna. 11 photographers had shown their work about the borderline between male and female.

If you click on her name or here you come to a page where you can see some of her photos. This Link on the same page will bring you to the article of Robin Whitaker about womens facial hair.

Genderprojekt FacebookA page on facebook is called Genderproject.

Day 325 diary of the bearded woman

Another german blog was writing about me and the beard. One of the comments was the question what my work is…..or if I work… thing I sometimes do is making fingerpuppets….on the photo you see a fingerpuppet that is meant to be Jennifer Miller.

Jennifer Miller FingerpuppeI like to have a lot of time, travel and do creative things. Thats why I don´t want to do a regular job. I like to work in exchange for food and bed. Sometimes I do babysitting or help to clean, cook and all the work around the house.

This I do now for more than one year and it makes it possible for me to travel and live in different countries and places and  to meet different people and make new friends.

Sometimes I make fingerpuppets and sell them or I did some sewing for a friend….and what ever comes and I like it….like being with kids and drawing….

I was working in many different jobs and fields in my life. I studied art and made an examen to be a teacher in high school. But this was not the thing I wanted and so I quit. I learned to be a foreign correspondent for english and french….well long ago…so my english is not that good anymore….might have quite some mistakes in this blog now….sorry….

And I visited a clowns school….learned to be a psychic reader and did the school of Byron Katie….well many more things…..raised a child….and now I want to be free and travel and enjoy live!

It would be an interesting test to find out, if a woman with beard would be able to work as a teacher on an ordinary school in Germany or somewhere…..on earth…..or if there would be restrictions to shave…as they do with men in some jobs….

BabyIf I work with kids, the kids have no problems with my beard. It is more the parents that might be disturbed by this…or feel confused and not want someone with a beard to take care of their kids.

Would it be possible to work in a restaurant as a woman with beard? Perhabs if it was a bar for lesbians….

Bur whatever happens…the beard just shows me where I belong to where I fit. If I don´t get a job because of the beard it is ok, because this wouldn´t have been the right job anyway. So in this way the beard is my friend who helps me to find the way to be myself and to do what I love to do.

Day 324 Wednesday in Dresden

dresdenGrey sky, rain and then again blue sky. Cool weather not like summer at all. But I liked this today. I was sorting things, staying inside most of the day. I went shopping and to the postoffice and felt quite normal. A child perhaps 5 years of age had a discussion with his grandma, after me passing by, whether I was a man or a woman. Then I started talking with them and the grandma told me that she is plucking out her chinhair and that it is a question of taste of leaving the hair like I do. and that most women that have hair in the face try to hide it.

dresden bunte Republik neustadt 2009In the front of my window a hammer from the buildingside made a lot of noise. Since Vienna I am confronted with buildingsides and noise everywhere I go!  I do not really mind. I just close the windows and the sound gets less.

dresden HechtviertelMore and more I feel home in Dresden and it feels good to stay again for a while in one place and to have my own flat. Even if it is just for a few months or weeks. I get more calm from day to day and can sleep better and longer and sort out things. It do not feel like travelling at the moment more like having arrived somewhere. Good after travelling now for more than 20 months.

Day 323 of the diary

haustür dresdenNothing to tell. Just organising and doing housework.

dresden fenster

Day 321 Sunday

dresden Samstag20.  juni 2009 BRNSunday. Quiet inside the house. Loud outside in the Neustadt of Dresden.

dresden Bei Lärm gibt es was auf die OhrenYesterday it was so lound on the streetparty that some parents had put these pink earprotections on the ears of their kids.

On some places the noise was so heavy that even my ears were hurting.

bunte Republik NeustadtToday i went into the Neustadt and allover you could see the rests from yesterday, papers and plastic cups…..and again many many people were on the streets. I did not think of having a beard. I even felt as if I had none, even though some people reacted. Yesterday on the playground two boys aged 6 or 7 watched me. Then I heard one of them wispering to the other do you have the courage? And the other one said yes and walked over to me to ask me whether I am a woman or a man. They both looked at me as if they couldn´t believe that I am a woman.

Today was a nice day with being with the children and watchin films….

dresden bunte Republik NeustadtLater I went shopping at the station at Lidl – this shop is even open on a sunday. Yesterday I wanted to go shopping, but the doors were locked of the supermarket around the corner, because of the party in the streets.

I just counted the days. 44 days more and then it is one year since my beard started growing!