Day 301…diary of living with a beard

DresdenYesterday I moved to Dresden for some weeks. I am living in different countries and towns, since more than one year now. I love travelling and seeing different worlds. Dresden is new to me. There are amazing huge old buildings here. The Elbe, the river is dividing the town into two. To me it seems as if peoples reactions are stronger here in Dresden, than in Berlin.

Dresden Elbe The son of a friend who first met me with a beard, told me after a few hours, that my beard is not taking his attention so much anymore because usually this is the part of the face having a shadow.

Flower powerToday we walked down the street and people were watching me a lot. Then he said: “Well you have to shave off your beard, because people are starring at you.” And I answered: “No I don´t have to shave.”If I would act because of the others peoples reactions, I would be a puppet on the string. I want to live my life in my way.

On the playground I talked to a family. The wife said that it is a taboo to talk about the beard of a woman. This explains why so many people look and stare, but are not able to ask questions and to come and talk to me. So often it is me, that starts the conversation about my beard.

A video of another Lady with a beard doing pircing and tatoos in the states:


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