Day 304 with a beard

DresdenNow I am living in Dresden. Barack Obama is expected to come to Dresden today and part of the town is closed for the public. I stayed home. In the internet they have a page to make little flags to wave to the President. We won´t need them, as he will not show himself to the public. Here some pics from his arrival.

In the internet today I found lots of new information about bearded ladies. There are more information in english, than in german and more bearded ladies are living in the states, than I knew some months ago. Amazing!!

This is a link to six interesting pages to the issue HAIR written by Anneke Smelik. The title is: The Danger of HAIR.

A woman in the United States who writes that she has a red beard, but I didn´t find a photo of her, writes on her webseite that she is looking for other women who want to write about women and beards. She wants to publish a book about bearded women. Another article I found in reporter online, written by Ilsa Shaw, starting with discovering a hair on her chin and thinking about bearded ladies.

The last link is about Jennifer Miller. Well thats enough for today.


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