Day 312 Shopping in Vienna

Half the day I spent in the atelier of my friend. Then I had to go, as she and her boyfriend needed time to be alone.

Tram WienWith the “Tram” I went to the woman, I just met a few days ago on the train. She  had invited me to stay with her for a couple of days. She is living in a studentsappartment. Another part of the town, another atmosphere. She wellcomed me and we had a lot to talk about, so that we hardly went to bed. Tomorrow she has to get up early to work.

And I will meet a relative, who is an elder lady. We last met one year ago, when I had no beard. I think she is a tolerant person, but I already told her on the phone about my beard, so she would be prepared and not be shocked….

In the evening we went shopping. German ALDI ist called HOFER in Austria and as they already closed at 7 pm. We went to ZIELPUNKT which is the german PLUS and closes at 7.30pm, so we still had a chance to get some food.

Hundekot in die TüteIn the shop the lady on the counter stared at me for some time. Then she asked: Are you man or woman? Why don´t you shave? Well its your buisiness, tastes are different. And still looked a bit confused.

Today I did not like to be stared at on the way to the studentsappartments. If I do not have enough sleep like the past days, I want to be left alone and to see no people. But this would be the same, if I had no beard.


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