Day 313 diary….Vienna Schönbrunn Palace

WürsterlI am staying with Siran, who is from Armenia. A little country about which we hardly know anything in Germany.

ohne WorteWhen we were exchanging about our past, we found out that the armenian and the iranian culture and education has a lot in common, even though most of the armenian population is christian, whereas most of the iranians are moslems. The cultur of these two countries have more in common, than the german cultur with the iranian. Which makes sense, as Armenia is in the northwest of Iran.

Music from Armenia:

SchönbrunnThe day started with a realy blue sky and sun and later it was quite hot. Around noon I took the train to Schönbrunn Palace to meet the cousin of my mother, who is over 70 years old. We made a walk in the parc, sat down in a cafe and she told old stories about the family. And I enjoyed listening to her.

Bahn im Park SchönbrunnConcerning my beard, she made no comment and I saw no reaction on her face.  When I started to talk about the beard, she just asked if the beard would stay. And I said yes. Then we changed subject and I did not want to ask her about her opinion. Next to us, some kids screamed out loud: the lady with the beard! And their mum told them to be quite…..perhaps they had seen me on the tele….don´t know…

Gewächshaus WienSchönbrunn Palace has a huge garden and palm-house.  There is also a zoo, which is said to be one of the nicest in Europe. The architecture of the so called  Palm- House is very impressing and beautiful. Inside there are exotic plants. If I find time, I might go there and have a look in the next days.


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