Day 314 Hot day in Vienna

A hot day. Siran and I stayed most of the day inside. We had enough to talk about and enjoyed it. When it was cooler in the evening we went out walked throu the town towards Stefansdom I was amazed by the architecture of the old houses and the shopwindows. The things you can buy here are different than in germany. The most bizzare thing I saw today was this swimsuite for kids.

While walking in town Siran noticed how often people were staring at me. She felt uncomfortable, walking next to me, feeling the view of the people also on herself. She wanted to know how I deal with that. We discovered that we both have different interpretations of the views. I feel compasion and understanding for people looking at me. I understand it as a normal reaction, of being curious…and so I don´t mind. Sirans interpretation of the people watching is: how intolerant the people are, that they have to stare at a woman with a beard. And she was wondering how people who are handicaped must feel. Handicapped people cannot change the fact that they are handicapped. Whereas the lady with the beard still can change it if she cannot stand the views anymore, just by shaving. This possibility is not there for the handicapped person.

SchwimmanzugHalf past ten in the evening we went together to see a room for rent. The room had a nice wooden floor and was in an old building with hight ceelings. The price was 300 Euro all together.  It was a flat that had to be shared with another person. But from my point of view the flat was too dirty and shabby. Outside was a buisy road and it was too noisy even now in the evening. There was also just one oven for the wintertime and the winter in Vienna is cold. This was not what I wanted.

Trachtenmode For now I have seen enough and I will not look for a room in the centre of Vienna anymore, as it is too noisy and I am longing for the nature again.

I think I will either try to find a car I can live in or will look for a place on the countryside.

I still have three days in Vienna, then I go back to Dresden.


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