Day 315 Monday in Vienna

Baustelle The night was short. We went to bed very late and in the morning hours the noise started in front of the window. This was around 6. At eight they started to open the street with a drill which made it impossible to go on sleeping!

I had another expectation of Vienna. Thought it would me more quite and calm. When I visited Vienna 30 years ago it was totally different and I was different too. Thirty years are a long time and during this period most of the towns have become more noisy.

Blaugesprayt in WienSiran had to go to work and I said good bye and went to my friends place where I had spent the first days in Vienna.

Malerarbeiten am Vormittag in WienThis is where I am writing now on my laptop and anothter drill is making noise! In the appartment next door they are working with drills. – Is there any message in this outside noise? Does it want to tell me something? Or is it just by accident? Shall I leave? I do not understand and I decide: it is noisy thats it! And it has no meaning as long as I do not give a meaning to it!

Briefkasten WienThe weather is hot and damp and strange….and in the afternoon I want to meet my nice who lives in Vienna, but as she did not answer the phone I decide to meet her another day.


Postbox, little postwagon…Billa the supermarket all in yelllow…

Billa Supermarkt WienIn the afternoon I went to Mariahilferstreet for shopping.

The air outside was thick hot and smelling of exhaust fumes. I understood why I was so tired the last days. When I went out to go shopping, a man passed me running to stand a bit further from me to see WHAT I am! As I stopped he stopped too and went back again from where he came. Interesting these manoevers….

This is a video clip from: Three Ring Circus, with Jerry Lewis who wants to shave a bearded lady… the language of the clip is portugues!

Augarten After having cooked something I went out again. This time I just went into the direction of the Donau and passed a beautiful parc called Augarten. The air was fresher and cooler, then some streets away. It was good to sit on the bench under the allee of limetrees. The flowers of the limetree filled the air with a beautiful smell, similar to jasmine. The way they had planted the trees in this parc was a bit like in the armee…standing straight in lines. But even so it is a place for relaxation, after having passed so many houses and no nature.

While I was sitting on the bench, I  felt now more grounded and here. It took one week to really arrive in Vienna. My interest to see more of the town is now rising. And still at the same time I feel overwhelmed from all the people and the noise in this town. Perhaps it is not anymore the time for me to live in a town? Perhaps the older I get, the more I need the nature? And somehow I need both. On the way back I passed the Galerie bast-art in the Josefstädter Street 33 where an artist called  Philipp Jordan had a little exhibition. Titel of the exhibition was: Knock on Wood, and will be still on until june 27th. He makes drawings, paints dogs and other animals in a comicstyle on wood and wooden barrels. And I like it.

This is a video about his project 1000 teddies:

This is a link to see the opening of the exhibition and you can see the pictures too….Nr 8 ist the one with the pictures of the exhibition.


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