Day 317 last day in Vienna

Foto565Around noon I went to see another room to rent. It was very nice, but I did not want to rent for such a long time. In the afternoon I met Siran and told her about it, and she is looking for something on a long term. She immediately made an appointment with the woman from the room for the next day. I hope she will get it. The woman who rents the room is very nice. Anyway I met a lot of nice people in Vienna.

Ausstellung WienAn Exhibition with the title: “barbiefree zone – Barbiefreie Zone” has been opened on tuesday in the Palais Dietrichstein in Vienna, its about sexism and gender and behaviour between gender.

It was a pitty that it was already closed for the evening and I will leave tomorrow. The organization is called Amazone and they are still looking for other opportunities to bring this exhibition to other places. Would be good to bring it to Berlin I thought…

Today was my last day in Vienna and Siran and I went throu town and did a test of icecream. Zanoni and the Eissalon at Schwedenplatz. Both are to be recommended! The last one even has biological icecream and is next to the subway U Bahn Schwedenplatz. They have such a large offer of different sorts of icecream that it takes days to test them all! Some even change every day. The internet adress is:

We went down to the water and sat down on a beachbar, where we spend the rest of the evening in an armchair. It was wonderful. Relaxing. The bridges on the left and right were illuminated in the colors red and blud.


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