Day 318 Vienna back to Dresden

WienBy train I went from Vienna back to Germany. Passing Czech Republic. It took 7 hours, but the train was delayed and it took 8 hours. I was sooo tired. Wanted to sleep and found a compartment just for myself. I closed the curtains and layed down.  Minimum seven times I got disturbed! Five times the control from the train entered to see my ticket, austrian, czech and german controllers!  Then the police came two times to see the papers.

Dresden BrunnenThe last control between Czech Republic and Germany was kind of a comedy! Two Czechs wanted to see my passport. One of them was studying my passport. His eyes went back and forth from the passport to my face and back again., Then he took the passport and streched out his hand to compare my face with the foto in the passport. He was comparing for a while and came to no result until his collegue murmured something like woman. Then he released his arm and returned the passport to me.

Kräutergarten Societätstheater DresdenBack in Dresden I went shopping. The people appeared more friendly to me than some days ago. Two men on the street said: Did you see this – the woman has a beard! Cool! – And I smiled.

In the evening there was a concert in Societätstheater from Annamateur, wher I went. This time Stephan Braun was playing the Cello and Reentko Dirks the guitarre.  I liked it a lot and enjoyed the concert. Many songs were arranged differently than on the last concert and the words between the numbers were different too.

The seats in the Societätstheater are not really comfortable. Sitting stiff and too close to one another. Would be good to improve this. The sound was perfect. On the ground of the theater outside they have a pritty garden with smelling plants like lavender thyme and peppermint and others and I enjoyed that during the break.

Here is a video from a concert, 44 minutes of Annamateur. Her voice is amazing and the musicians are great too!


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