Day 320 Dresden BRN Colourfull Republik Newtown Dresden

dresden Samstag20.  juni 2009 BRN

When I arrived in Dresden I got a message from Siran,that she got the room. I was happy for her. If we hadn´t  met in the train and she hadn´t invited me…who knows….I stayed three days with her and we both liked it a lot.

dresden Its a sunny day in Dresden today and it is  BRN – Bunte Republik Neustadt which means colorfull Republic of newtown.

It has started yesterday, but I was too tired to got there.

dresden The afternoon and the early eveninghours I did spent there on the party together with a friend of mine. I enjoyed it. So many people, music, fleamarket and more, on some spots the music was too loud and I had to put my hands on my ears….

dresden Samstag20.  juni 2009 During the eveninghours more and more people came and I preferred to go home and babysit the child of my friend so that she was able to go out.

dresden Samstag20.  juni 2009 8dresden Samstag20.  juni 2009 flohmarkt

dresden dresden BRN 20.6.2009dresden Samstag20.  juni 2009brn


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