Day 321 Sunday

dresden Samstag20.  juni 2009 BRNSunday. Quiet inside the house. Loud outside in the Neustadt of Dresden.

dresden Bei Lärm gibt es was auf die OhrenYesterday it was so lound on the streetparty that some parents had put these pink earprotections on the ears of their kids.

On some places the noise was so heavy that even my ears were hurting.

bunte Republik NeustadtToday i went into the Neustadt and allover you could see the rests from yesterday, papers and plastic cups…..and again many many people were on the streets. I did not think of having a beard. I even felt as if I had none, even though some people reacted. Yesterday on the playground two boys aged 6 or 7 watched me. Then I heard one of them wispering to the other do you have the courage? And the other one said yes and walked over to me to ask me whether I am a woman or a man. They both looked at me as if they couldn´t believe that I am a woman.

Today was a nice day with being with the children and watchin films….

dresden bunte Republik NeustadtLater I went shopping at the station at Lidl – this shop is even open on a sunday. Yesterday I wanted to go shopping, but the doors were locked of the supermarket around the corner, because of the party in the streets.

I just counted the days. 44 days more and then it is one year since my beard started growing!


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