Day 324 Wednesday in Dresden

dresdenGrey sky, rain and then again blue sky. Cool weather not like summer at all. But I liked this today. I was sorting things, staying inside most of the day. I went shopping and to the postoffice and felt quite normal. A child perhaps 5 years of age had a discussion with his grandma, after me passing by, whether I was a man or a woman. Then I started talking with them and the grandma told me that she is plucking out her chinhair and that it is a question of taste of leaving the hair like I do. and that most women that have hair in the face try to hide it.

dresden bunte Republik neustadt 2009In the front of my window a hammer from the buildingside made a lot of noise. Since Vienna I am confronted with buildingsides and noise everywhere I go!  I do not really mind. I just close the windows and the sound gets less.

dresden HechtviertelMore and more I feel home in Dresden and it feels good to stay again for a while in one place and to have my own flat. Even if it is just for a few months or weeks. I get more calm from day to day and can sleep better and longer and sort out things. It do not feel like travelling at the moment more like having arrived somewhere. Good after travelling now for more than 20 months.


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