Day 326 becoming free….

Becoming free is not changing yourself
into someone you think you should be.
Becoming free is understanding that there is nowhere to go,
nothing to do and nobody to be except
exactly who you’re being right now.

Michael Roads

Yesterday was a quite day. Raining and I was reading. One book I read is called:

One thousand beards by Alan Peterkin, A Cultural History of Facial Hair. Some pages are about women and beards, more historical…

A photographer called Trish Morrisey is mentioned in the book.

Some years ago she had worked about women with beards and the exhibition called fe/male was shown in London and 2001 in Vienna. 11 photographers had shown their work about the borderline between male and female.

If you click on her name or here you come to a page where you can see some of her photos. This Link on the same page will bring you to the article of Robin Whitaker about womens facial hair.

Genderprojekt FacebookA page on facebook is called Genderproject.


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