Day 329, Diary

Dresden Spielplatz im HechtviertelIn the afternoon I was babysitting and went to a playground with animals, which is called Panama and is next to the Künstlerhof in Dresden. Dresden has quite a lot of nice playgrounds. On this picture it is a playground in Hechtsviertel in Dresden with nice colorful paintings on the walls around. We stayed on the playground of Panama until it closed around 7 pm. It is open every day from 9am to 9pm.

There is a place to climb on with an exit down throu the earth. Something that I would have been fascinated as a kid.

Today two people on the street talked to me, as they had recognized me from the film they had seen in TV about me. both were positive about what I do. That feels great to have people supporting me.

Gwendolin send me an email today. She made a drawing for a postcard about not shaving.

I want to share this with you. The words mean: From birth to death we keep our hair. Free growth of hair for all genders and parts of the body. Well in german it is a rhyme……

Gwendolins Postkarte


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