Day 330 Diary

Another hot day. Sweating. I was sorting and cleaning the childrens room of the child that I was babysitting. I like that! Some mothers won´t believe me when I say this. But it is true. I love toys as well as I love slides and playgrounds! I love to look at all these colorful plastic toys and to see all these different shapes and colors….and eversything is different again…enjoy just looking…

So today it was great sorting all these little toys into boxes, on which I wrote Cars, or Monsters, Dinosaurs..and so on. And in the end of the afternoon the room was so nice.

So most of the day I had forgotten that there is still a beard in my face. In the evening when I talked to a friend who works for the theatre she told me that she just had finished two fatsuits. And she and her colegue went out on the street with these fatsuits on them. Both now looking like two fat naked women. And the people in the street reacted similar like they do when a lady with a beard walks down the street. Some were imediately laughing. Others did not look, but after they had passed by and they thought noone will see them, they starred at them.

I would have liked to join them. Either wearing the fatsuit myself…or accompaning them as a woman with beard…….


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