Day 332 detective games..

gelber omnibus dresdenA very buissy day. In the morning I joined an adventures trip for kids which was called “Kommissar Schnüffel ermittelt” , a detective game for kids. In a yellow bus, we started a journey around Dresden to find the man who had stolen a handbag with jewellery. The kids and some parents and grandparents who joined in went to the policestation to see how to take fingerprints and to make a picture of the bad guy. In the end there was a happy end and the police caught the bad guy with blue light and policecars and made it look real.

A boy around nine, thought that I was a man. Even though today I was wearing a jeans and had my hair tied back! Nor my breasts nor my voice had made him doubts.

Some actors had trained for this event and I can imagine how much work it is to do such an event. And in the end it is a great feeling when it all goes well.

It was really hot again today and I was glad to be in the house in the afternoon. Later in the day a strong rain let it cool down. The rain was so heavy that in the evening when we went to Schaubudensommer, there were huge puddles on our way. What I saw in the evening was:

Arnold Böswetter – absolutely great but in german…. Franz Lasch is also playing a clown called Locci.

Hacki Ginda – funny and a mixture of clownerie acrobatic pantomime…

Kaspar und Gaya – Clowns.

One group of performers have a bearded lady in the shop, but it is a man with long white hair called Heinz. And they need someone to play this role when he is away for two days.They asked me if I could do this. I would like, but perhaps I am not able as I have to be the nanny of a child these days.

One guy working in a restaurant told me today, that the first time he saw me he had to look too. But then no more and he likes it. There are worse things he continued……but did not finish the sentence.

And I did not ask. Nice to hear this from a man. Because this was the fear of so many women that the men wouldn´t like a beard on a woman. And this again proves there are some men that like a beard on a woman!


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