Day 333 Dresden Swimmingpool

Arnoldbad Dresden AussenrutscheHot day. (will go on tranlating later)

Today I was nanny and went with the kid to the public swimmingpool and the slides in Arnoldbad.

To go there was some kind of challenge, I thought, when we arrived there. Even though I do not have a problem with people starring at me, swimmingpools are somehow different to me. These are places with a fence. Places where you show your body. No protection. Others looking and judging comparing…..Even more it is obvious there if you are hairy and where the hair grows. And people just watching other people because they have nothing to do.

Dresden toiletteQuite many people were looking and irritated when I walked in the places to change clothes. Later outside a woman approached me and talked to me, as she had seen me on TV. “Aren´t you the lady, that has the courage to let her hair grow, where we others are still plucking it.”

Some teenagers where screaming loud when they saw me. One of them asked me, why I didn´t shave. I answered that not all men are shaving either and that I wanted to know what I would look like if I let it grow. He said that it looks digusting.

Tam Tam theaterAnother teenager asked the child that I was looking after, if I was his mother. When the child said no, they looked confused not knowing if I was a man or a woman. In the tram on the way back, another situation happened.

A woman wanted to pass me with her bike and said to the child next to me: Now your mum has to make space for me, so I can get out. And when the child said this is not my mumy. The woman said: “Well then your father or whatever”. She made a very stressed impression on me, having fear not to get out soon enough, as I was in the way with the handcart. In both situations no one seemed to see me as the nanny of the child. Well a nanny with a beard…?!

Tam tam theater Holland auf Schaubudensommer 2009In Arnoldbad there is a long slide in a tunnel with curves. I had been looking forward to slide on it. And when I was sliding I neerly got stuck, as it was not steep enough. Inside it was so dark and stuffy air, only small bulbs gave a shine like from little stars. I can imagine that some people would panic inside of it.

Another long straight slide is outside next to the pools. In the afternoon many loud and agressive teenagers where sliding down and screeming and shouting. When they finally had gone it was my time to go there. And I had so much fun to slide again and again, that I didn´t want to stop!

Schaubudensommer 2009The other adults must have wondered about a bearded lady sliding down the waterslide! I wonder if they don´t want to slide? If this wouldn´t be fun to them? Or if they think this is nothing a grown-up person does….

kleinstes Kino schaubude 2009In the evening hours I went together with the kids to Schaubudensommer. The smallest cinema with around eight or ten seats was there. On a tiny screen a cartoon was shown. And the kids loved it. Popcorn was given to us made by the tiny popcornmachine you can see on the picture with the word Kino above, which means cinema.

Schaubude Frost FamilieThen I went to the show of Cora Frost. A very special show with songs and piano accompanying. The Frost Family…..a bearded lady, played by Heinz the man, you see him on the picture on the right…and a dancer in a skirt…..and other odd things can be seen in this show…..

Then it was time to go, the children I was babysitting, had to be taken to bed…..


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