Monday Day 336

6.7.09dresden I felt a bit better today. I was working as a nanny today and went to the playground with the kid. In front of the playground they had opened the whole street some days ago and today the caterpillar was working with a lot of noise! Everywhere I go there are buildingsides! In front of our house as well! Starting early in the morning before 7 until late in the afternoon. But what can I do…so we stayed on the playground and the kid was playing and jumping  until the weather changed and it started to rain.

6.7.09dresden 067Later in the evening, the rain had stopped and me and the kid went again to Schaubudensummer. He was dressed in a Superman dress with a spiderman mask and me in a red dress. Now the people were watching him instead of me. Nice to go in the shadow of Superspiderman!! And He enjoyed the attention of the people. He said now He is taking my space. But I did not care. It is ok. Don´t need that the people are watching me all the time. And the kid seemed to be a bit envious that people looked at me all these days. Now he had the chance to be in the middle!

6.7.09Cora Frost und die Frost FamilieOn the first big picture is Cora Frost and the “bearded lady” and the dancer from the frostshow. We watched Clowns Cie en Vrac from France and hat a lot of fun.Schaubudensommer 2009

Then I went to see the one woman show: Gespräche mit Gott (talking with god) by Veronika Thiem. Most I liked the game with the flippers that were transformed to muppets. Great idea and well done.Schaubude 6.7.2009


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