Day 339

Today I was nanny again and went with the kid to the cinema Ufa Palast to see the movie Ice Age 3. Had quite a lot of action and scenes that I would not show a kid under 6. But the movie was open to all ages. The kid with me was already 8 and it was ok. The movie seemed longer than the first part. And it was well done. I liked it. Often the second or third part of a movie is not as good as the first part. But Ice Age is different.

Plattenbauten DresdenThen we went to a playground with a long slide. This was fun. I love to slide! Just the way up to the slide was difficult. I guess for security reasons it was not possible to climb up the ladder straight. After a few steps there was a wood, so that you had to climb around to the other side and crawl and climb up again and this several times until you reached the top. (is difficult to describe). In Berlin I had seen a similar slide. While thinking how to improve this…I felt again my fascination for playgrounds and toys on playgrounds. I should do more research..this would be a job  I´d like to do!

dresden09.07.09 While walking in town, a man around 50 years of age, came up to me and asked me if I was a greek woman. I said no, but he started talking in greek with me. After a while he stopped and realized that this makes no sense and said that he thinks I am a beautiful woman. I asked him with the beard? Oh, yes! And then he talked to the kid: Your mummy is a very special woman. This is rare. You can be proud of her! And the kid said: thats not my mummy and I explained that I was the nanny.Then he told me his name and said see you another time and went off.

Another man who likes women with beards!


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