Day 340 – diary of growing a beard

Ritter Rost Der Vampir und Lied der Bärtigen FrauBeing with a kid teaches me always new things. For example I didn´t knew Ritter Rost (knight rust). On one of the Cds of “Ritter Rost 2 The Vampire” there is the Song of the Bearded Lady!! This is the Link to Weltbild where you can order the CD of Ritter Rost with the Bearded Lady song. And you can listen to the song the bearded lady by clicking on this link.

The bearded lady is the dangerous one in this song!! So kids who know that song, might be scared seeing a bearded lady! Here is the part of the song you can listen to when you click  here:

” ….she is cunning, and she eats you….uuuuuupppp….she is the bearded one, she is so bearded, so terribly bearde, this is the bearded lady……help help…you will shout but in vain is your cry, because you are in the deep dark forest and you are alone with her….huuuuuuhhh. And then she comes, you will see and then it´s all over for you………”.

So now it is time to compose a nice song for the bearded lady!! ……lets start….!

Schaubudensommer 2009 The music of the bearded lady song is quite nice. And the kid I am babysitting has no fear of me….with the beard….it told me about the song and played the CD for me!

The weather was again grey and rainy….some bright moments too.

In the evening I went for one hour to Schaubudensommer.

The time was just enough to walk over the place and to see the Performance of Franz Lasch: Pickelhering und seine singenden Rollmöpse. (Pickelhering and his singing Rollmopses…)

Pickelhering und seine singenden RollmöpseThe costumes and the decoration of the stage was a feast for the eyes. I had the impression of a timetravel to a time long ago. Music like in the times of the German emporer, women singing and swinging their legs….wearing old costumes ..

Pickelhering und seine singenden RollmöpseThe first song suited the theme of the bearded lady. Natural beauty and plastic surgery to win the love of a man? No! Unfortunately I am not good in remembering the words of songs….The woman said in the song, that she would not operate her nose or her breast because of a man. She either would not do a lipectomy on her upper legs either. A woman who is natural would be just perfect for a man who is a real man….

Locci & KatinkaLocci – Franz Lasch, did make two nice childrens CDs with music and stories. I listened to them while I was babysitting. One is called: Locci & Katinka and the other one is called: Das Rentier Gernot Schnurzelpurz. (Reindeer Gernot Schnurzelpurz). On his webside you can listen to the CD, scroll down to the bottom of the page….

After this performance I had to hurry to go babysitting again.

On my way back, me in the dress, you can see on the little picture….someone called me: “Snow white…!” and another young man called out: ” a faggot!” In the performance that evening a lady behind me called out: ” A woman with a beard!” …I think some people might have got the impression this evening, that I was a man dressed as a woman or a woman who had glued a beard on her chin who belonged to the shows that were on…..anyway I enjoyed it and loved to wear the dress….and to put flowers in my hair….I would like to dress up more often. I know I look like a clown and I think I like that! Like to be dressed colorful and crazy….would like to exagerate this even more!  depending on my mood….some days I would dress colorful and on others I would wear something were I feel not seen…and so on….today was the colorful day!


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