Day 348

This morning I had to sleep a bit longer after the last days with a lack of sleep.

I liked being filmed and having a fotoshooting a lot, and I am looking forward to see the pictures. When they are good I will make a calendar from them. It was interesting how wearing different clothes made me look more male or female.

On Saturday the 25th of July 2009 there will be a report on german television in RTL in Explosiv Weekend, between 07.05pm german time and 08:15 pm. In the report will be also shown the fotoshooting. As soon, as it is possible to see it online I will put the link on this page.

This night I slept at Loewins place. Her beard is growing too since a couple of months, being encouraged by me. Was nice to see her again. Just a short visit and then I had to go to Dresden by train.


A group of three people shared a groupticket with me. We found each other by the internet throu

One of them was  a young musician.  A pianist who already won some prices. I have the impression that there are a lot of musicians in Dresden, as I often meet some from there. First he looked a bit irritated, and then it was ok and noone asked about my beard. Lateron we talked about art, as one of the women in the group had studied art, me too and they asked if I was still painting. I said no, my project at the moment is my beard. I could have made it an artproject I said. I am still thinking to do an exhibition with all the selfportraits that I did during the year from myself.

In 17 days it will be a year, that I am living with my beard. During the last months the hair is growing slower.I guess it would take many years if I wanted to break the world record Vivian Wheeler holds. I guess her beard is still growing. So now it will be even longer than before!

We went to Dresden by regional trains. It took three and a half hour. With us in the train were many shou,ting, singing and beer drinking football fans. They seemed to be kind of Nazis, singing songs with words like: a church without Jesus is a mosque! They made such a noise that after a while the police came, wearing heavy clothes, like american footballplayers with protection underneath.


Being confronted with the police, they got quite. When the policemen went to another wagon they started again, the police had to come back. And so it was a changing all the time …..for the next hours! On the picture you see a trainstation being sprayed with the words, “Together against the nazis!!

The men did not see me. And I was glad to be with some other people. It is a bit scaring to have a beard as a woman and to be confronted with nazis!!

When you use the train in germany on weekends, the ones that stop very often, then you are confronted with a lot of people, that are not very nice to meet. The trains are dirty and too crowded. And this can really stop me from using the regional trains. The ICE is ok, its the speed trains. They are more expensive and stop only in the big cities.

More than twenty footballfans where in the train. Later outside, changing train they were standing together. When I passed by they started laughing out loud. We went down the stairs and changed train. So nothing happened.

In the next train we were in a waggon without them. Lateron some of them entered our waggon and said that they were looking for the woman….the one who said this saw me and tried to hide behind a chair!!

Then a bit later he tried to take pictures with his mobile phone of me. And I just changed the place.


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