Day 349

17.07.09Back again in Dresden. Heavy rain made my laundry wet again during the day. Then the sun was shining again. The weather these days is changing all the time.

I need silence. Slept long, sorted my things and the last days of the diary, translated them into english for this webpage.

Thinking and making plans for the coming days and weeks.

GrillIn the evening I was invited to a party in Eselnest. Eselnest is a place for kids and parents. There are nice old waggons from the circus. Donkeys, rabbits and guinea pigs.  There is sand and a playground for the kids. It is nice to come here with kids and the place is very green next to the river Elbe. The weather was friendly again and the sky was beautiful in different colors.

EselnestI liked to meet some new people. One of them was working in a theatre in Dresden and told us about a special stage with three parts that can be lifted up and down more than 10 meters.

Birke an der ElbeNoone asked about my beard. The atmosphere was nice and relaxed. Some of them had already seen me on theSchaubudensommer, so it might have been a bit familiar already.


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