Dresden, Day 350

20.7.09 DresdenToday I found the time to walk throu Dresden on my own. Besuchte die Altmarkgalerie and looked around the sale that is on. The Frauenkirche I saw only from the outside, as it was too late and the church closed.

FrauenkircheA very impressing building!! The restaurants around the church were well visited on this mondayevening. I passed by and crossed the bridge to the other side of the river Elbe. On the banks of the river a huge screen had been build up for the open air cinema. It is said to be the largest in Europe!

Dampfer auf der Elbe

As I was in the mood to watch a film I decided to go to todays Filmnacht in Dresden and enjoyed it to sit outside under the sky.The service is good. Different foods are offered, pasta and sausage, frech fries and cake, as well as coctails, beer and soft drinks. The prices are low and moderate not. Usually when you visit a cinema in Germany the prices for food and drinks are exagerated and you won´t get sausage or french fries.

Dampfer DresdenThe movie tonight was: “Gran Torino” from and with Clint Eastwood. I would not have chosen to see it, if I had not already been here. It is an interesting film…not overwhelming to me…the pictures are not beautiful …..the content you can tell in a few sentences…..So to me I do not quite understand that it is said to be such a special movie. Some scenes were funny and people were laughing loud. Me I like movies that have beautiful landscapes, great pictures, costumes.

Kino Dresden FreilichtIn two days the movie Slumdog Millionaer, will be on and I might go and see it, as yesterday on the party someone recommended it to me.

Today I noticed how the people reacted and looked. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, still they were looking….more reactions in Dresden than in Berlin.

I feel normal. Don´t notice anymore that I have a beard. I often forget it.

I like it that I feel relaxed and can be myself, even when people watch me or tunr around.

This is the trailer of Gran Torino….if you like to see it…a bit hard and brutal in some parts….the bad thing about trailers is, that you already see the most important parts of the film….


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