Day 351 Dresden

Briefkasten DresdenThe diary is coming close to day 365. How will I go on after this day? Don´t know yet. Thinking to change the way I am writing….Will I be going on? We will see….did not make a decision yet..

I might miss writing this diary.

Perhaps I should change the way of writing. Some days are interesting – some are not. Sometimes I write about the beard sometimes about other things. ‘I would like to write more phantastic things. Would like to mix reality with phantasie…..

Brunnen Altmarktgalerie DresdenAbout today there is not much to say. I felt tired. The air was thick and the weather hot and damp…..In days like this I feel tired and I am looking forward to days when it is more windy. Now in the evening it is getting better. Strange summer this year. Rain and sun. Hot and cold…..

Juli 2009In summer I prefer to be on the seaside. To have some wind, the view on the sea, the sound of the waves and the sand underneath my feet and between my hands. Today I would love to be there for a week or two…..just dreaming of it makes me feel better!

Dresden is very loud these days. In front of my window is a buissy road with much traffic. A building side is next door and so it is noisy from the early morning hours on! I don´t want to complain, as it is a big luxury to have a flat of my own. And still everytime being in a city I am aware that I am missing nature. Nature is so important to me, that I should be living in the countryside. But somehow I am always coming back to towns and big cities……

So today I am thinking how live should go on……


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