Day 352 Diary

22.07.2009dresden The damp weather made me tired. I was slow like in slowmotion and my brain did not work well either. The air was thick and I guess the ozon was hight too. Around 110, which is high but could be worse. In the evening a breeze of cold air came in my window….finally….During the day I did things in the house and later I rented two videos from the  “Videothek”.

XXY and “Friedliche Zeiten” a german movie about east and west germany. Its a long time I wanted to see XXY. The film was much better than the trailer made me think. So I made it cosy at home instead of going to the outdoor cinema a this weather is so changing that it might have been raining this evening.

Today I was thinking again about buying a van to live in. As soon as I have the money together I will do so. When I went to the supermarket today I saw this funny unusal van.

My beard is funny and unusual now after the fotoshooting. The hair is flatter and longer and  looks like I have lost some of the hair….after the hairstylist used this hot stick to curl the hair in my bear for one of the photos….


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