Day 353, Dresden

Hygiene Museum DresdenIn the afternoon it was raining heavy when I left the house. Some minutes later the rain had stopped again. The air was filled with humidity and it felt like it the tropical places…..Today the weather was changing a lot like the days before.

I walked over to the museum of hygiene: Hygiene Museum. In the morning I had read again in the book of  “Margitta Staib: “Die enthaarte Frau” (The woman without hair by Margitta Staib) I studied the bibliography and found a book that I wanted to read. In the shop of the museum there was another book with a similar title that I wanted to see, if it was of interest. It is a cataloge or an exhibition. Ausstellungskatalog über die Schwarzkopfsammlung. But when I had looked into it I decided that it was not worth buying. Too superficial was the text about beauty and hair. It is about the shampoo producing factory Schwarzkopf and showing pictures.

DresdenUp to now I did not know that this museum also has exhibitions about hair and beauty. Today it was too late, perhaps another day I will have a look.

There is another catalogue, with a similar title called:“Sehnsucht nach Vollkommenheit” – with the addition “Androgyn”. An exhibition by the Berlin Kunstverein from 1986/87. I will try to get it from the library or buy it at Amazon.

DresdenWhen I went to the toilet in the museum, something happened that did not happen for weeks!

DresdenI was standing in front of the mirror, when the door opened. A woman came in and looked at me in jeans and hair tied back. She looked irritated and decided to leave the room again. She opened the door looked at the sign for the washingroom and then came in again. She said: “Sorry”, and I said: “Well this happens quite often”, and smiled. I cannot help to smile. In these situations I feel as if I was part of a comedy show!

Then I went to Altmarkgalerie. This time I was exhausted after a few minutes. The atmosphere in those shoppingmoles are horrible all over the world! Me I never feel well there. After having visited the shop I wanted I rushed out of the mole.

DresdenI found out something spectaculous some days ago. Year by year the metallrings in my bras made by Triumph had broken. Just like this. Even thou I did treat them well and washed them by hand. This is also well known in the shops. And all the past years I had to buy a new one even the material was still good but the ring broken.

DresdenSome days ago I went to this shop of Triumph , Herzog und Bräuer in der Altmarkgalerie. When I had a talk with the woman in the shop I heard for the first time that it is possible to order these metal rings for only 2 euros each! This saves a lot of money! Now I have to wait one or two weeks and my bra will be new again!

Frauenkirche DresdenI passed the church, Frauenkirche and again it was closed. The building made an impression on me today as if it was a huge UFO so unreal and strange it looked to me between all the other buildings.

Elbe DresdenThe architecture in Dresden seems to be interesting. Many different styles from different times….beautiful buildings next to ugly ones…and


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