Day 354

Dresden MülltonnenMy mood was quite bad during the last days. Now it is about two months that I am living  in Dresden, and my first impression that I had of Dresden came back again. Dresden is a beautiful city, with impressing buildings and cultural events and much more….Many people that come to live here don´t want to leave anymore, people told me.

I can´t really explain, but I do not feel well here. Guess the atmosphere is too bourgeois. After having lived in so many places, I guess this will not change. There are places that fit and some that don´t.

I am longing to live close to the seaside. Up in the north….or in another country as New Zealand……..So these days I have a little crisis, don´t know where to go next….the idea to live in a camper came up again and seems to be the best solution for my wish to travel and change places and beeing free.

I am also moody, as I expected myself to work more on the book I am preparing about the beard. But, having worked a lot as a nanny the past weeks, which took a lot of energy and having the noise of the building site in the neighborhood, it was difficult to work concentrated. This buildingsite is so loud that even with windows shut it is still noisy.  As it is a big project it will not be finished soon….

Today I managed to print some pages of the diary, to be able to work with the material soon. It looks like this is going to be quite a big folder, when it is all printed out!


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