Day 355

Mann - Frau‘Today I feel so much better. It is cooler and a strong wind is blowing. I guess it was due to the weather that I felt so bad.

This evening they showed the film about the fotoshooting with me in RTL Explosiv Weekend.

You can see the video HERE.

I liked it. They showed a lot of great picutures of me wearing costumes from Barocktime, male and female, a corsett, a frack….don´t know the english word…and more….was about 7 minutes and I guess they could have made a longer film out of the material.

The pictures of the fotoshooting will be used to make a calendar for 2010. When it is ready I will tell you on this webpage.


2 Responses

  1. Mariam!
    Great job on the photo shoot!! You look like you were having so much FUN!! And your choice of clothes was awesome!! You are such a beautiful woman! And that smile..good God, thats enough to light up a room!! 🙂
    What excellent & beautiful curves you have too!! ;p

    And the beard..ay-yi-yi!! The cherry on sudae!! So sexy and erotic. Thanks for posting and sharing your joie de vivre!! You rock M!

  2. Hey Bill,

    thank you so much! Great you like it. Hopefully I will succeed to make a calendar from some of the pictures for the coming year…..will tell on this page when it is ready….I am still sorting the pictures.

    Have a great week

    Mariam Marianna

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