Day 356 Steamboat to Pillnitz

Dampfer Dresden Juli 2009Sunday. Sunny and windy. I decided to take a ride on the steamboat. Every day I can hear the sound of the steamboats, but never took a ride with one of them.

The boat I took left at 4 pm and went to Pillnitz a little village with a castle.Sorry too tired….I will go on translating later….

The travel took one and a half hour against the stream. Back it would be only one hour as the boat would be going with the stream.

Dampfer MaschineVery impressing th machine. A lot of wood was used on the boat and the machine was shiny. Got very hot. Would be nice and warm in wintertime….!

Dampfer DresdenI did not feel well with all these “norml” people. And whereever I sat there were not nice smells. On some places it smelled of the fumes from the chimney, or of the paint of the boat, or of cigarettes from the passengers… or of the water of the river Elbe which has a light smell of chemical industry….I know I have a very sensitive nose….

Blaues Wunder DresdenPeople I asked before I took the trip, told me that they did not sense any smells being on the boat……..The best place that was occupied was right in the front with my nose in the wind and no ugly smells…….In Pillnitz I went off the boat and had time to walk around the castle. In one and a half hour the boat would leave again.

On our travel we passed a few castles and I saw the blue wonder “Blaue Wunder” a bridge crossing the Elbe.

I was glad to leave the boat in Pillnitz. Felt well there. It was more countrysidelike and calm quite lot of nature. I decided to go back to town by bus, as I felt a bit sick from all the smells on the boat.

Schloss Pillnitz bei DresdenSo I had enought time to visit a cafe and walk around the Schloßpark. I discovered nice little shops in one of the buildings called Fliederhof. Eone of them was offering all different kinds of exotic chocolate. The other one had soap. From the camellia that grows there, they offered a soap. Every year man people come to see the camellia fowering! These  soaps are also available in a nice felt. Great idea. These soaps are being made by in Dresden. (the onlineshop is on holiday till the 2nd of august 2009)

But this camelliasoap is only available in Pillnitz in the castle!Bluteiche Dresden

In the park of the castle there are old trees and a Bloodoak. The stamp is huge and you could make a party underneath so huge is the crown of the tree. It was nice in Pillnitz and I would like to come back again perhaps by bike…..


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