Day 357

A new day! – I received two comments that are supporting! And I saw a nice german comedy “Reine Geschmackssache” which made me feel better….!

The men on the building side next to the house started to work already at half past six and made much noise. Some time later the lawn was cut with much noise too……and in the early afternoon it was quiter for a short while, until the noise went on again….and cars are passing by all the time too….

I am dreaming of an island in the sea with no artifical noise…..and no cars…..

The sky is clouded. My diary has been printed out and I will read it now and start to decide what will be in the book in the end… more week and it will be a year that my beard is growing!

I feel the next topic (theme). It is about man and woman. Is it really necessary to hold on to the picture of men and women as it is today? – I can watch myself how I sort people into men or women  already during the first moments when I see a human being…..what a pitty!

Somedays on the street I start to do the oposite, and I try to see a man as a woman and a woman as a man. This shows me how even men walk like women and women move like men… what a nonsens to say this is male – this is female….

What is male – what is female? What do I think about men – what do I think about women? What are my prejudice against men and women? And is it true?

To occupy with these questions and gender seems to be the spirit of the age……

Even our federal government is thinking about the theme of sexual stereotyping, perhaps in a different way:

Why is it so important for human beings to sort other human beings into this category of male and female?

An interesting question. I did ask myself over and over the past year, but not deep enough….

One reason is the biological one, to conserve the own species….and to produce more of the own species! And as you need man and woman to reproduce the own species, we are sorting and looking for someone to reproduce with……Wouldn´t this be so necessary, as in times of overpopulation, and wouldn´t have been most of the human beings been taught to love only the opposit sex, then we could just skip this sorting, let go of our prejudice and wear whatever we want, male or female clothes, love whoever we feel to love and be much more free!

Just need to overcome the information in our cells that are there since ages…..since mankind exists!

And some people are living this already….which shows that it is possible.


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