Day 358

The curious case Benjamin Button.

This movie is the number one at the moment in Germany in the videothek, where you can rent the DVD. First I did not want to see the movie, as I am not a fan of Brad Pit, and did not think this would be interesting. Then I watched the trailer on Youtube and was curious to see more. A man that is born old and getting younger day by day! Great idea! Amazing pictures, great masc……I rented the movie and was fascinated!!

This is a movie you have to see! Romatic, full of emtions, exciting and wonderous. More than two hours of entertainment!

Tonight I went to the filmnight on the Elbe with the huge screen.

They were showing a german movie: Im Winter ein Jahr. With Corinna Harfouch and Karoline Herfurth.

Another great movie. This is the trailer in german:

Both movies did make me feel better and get distracted from my bad mood that I had the past days.

When I came back from the cinema I read something in the blog of Loewin (blog in german from another woman with beard), that made me remember, that I like to have a beard, as I like to make other people laugh. But in Dreden people don´t have this kind of humor. They are more dry……

So I felt how I lost my humor too in Dresden during the past weeks….it is really time to leave this place! And then to see if this is a crisis I would have everywhere, or if it is somehow connected to the place Dresden. Anyhow a crisis is good for inner growth too.

My job as a nanny has a vaccation, as the kid is on holiday…..good chance to go somewhere else….


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