Day 361 – Go your own way!

zwischen den ZähnenSome weeks ago, I had a talk with a man. The subject was bodyhair. He said, that he doesn´t like to have hair between the teeth when he kisses her. I thought he was talking about the beard of a woman ….and then I realized that he was talking about shaving the pubic hair.

In Germany many newspapers had written about this subject, this summer. And it is “normal now”  to shave all the body and facial hair.

Everybody shall be free to do what he wants.

But what I do not like, is that it is becoming a “must”.  A fashion. Someone told me about women working in housing groups for young girls, that they would tell the 12 year old girls to shave off their pubes, as this was not ok to have hair on the body, under the armpits or in the face!!. – I think this can make young girls feel bewildered. They might understand it in a way as: My body is not ok as it is. I am not ok the way I am….I won´t find a boyfriend, if I don´t shave and so on…

Is this really necessary?!

A magazine for young people in Germany, called BRAVO, also tells the kids to shave.

I would find it better to support young people to accept and love themselves the way they are. And to support them to feel ok with the bodies they have.

Scaring and bewildering young people brings a lot of money to some people.

A scarred and bewildered person, that feels not selfashure, will do anything just to be “in” to be loved.

Wild wild wildAll societies and groups have their ideal of beauty. I think it is important to be alert and wake and to see what you are doing and why. To be awake. And to take your own decision. And not following something a group or society tells you to do, in order to be loved and accepted.

Don´t follow the mass. Have the courage to go our own way.

Take responsability for your own life.


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