Day 365 – Living one year with a beard – diary –

27.9.08 Today it is 365 days that I am living with my beard.

New years eve in a way. Tomorrow birthday – one year with the beard. Tomorrow, one year ago, I stopped plucking out my chinhair. For one year I did write a diary about what I experienced and how it felt to be a woman with a beard.

Die Frau mit Bart25.8.08 I have been to different places with the beard: Germany, Irland, Portugal, Austria…Vienna, Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Lagos, Dublin, Galway, Wendland, to the Algarve, in  the south, the north and the east of Germany and on the seaside…….

Sometimes I lived in one place and sometimes I was travelling. I decided to give up my own flat and to be free moving.

08.09.08fraumitbart In this one year I lived together with  the most different people: Hippies, people that are loving to be free, people that are living a “normal” daily live and others going their own way.

28.8.2008Some were artists, fire artists, shoemakers, musicians, spiritual people,  materialistic people, families with kids, some rich others poor, living in groups and alone in a hut, in a hostel, with animals and without, with “crazy” and “normal” people and inbetween….. Some time I spend with my mom, with friends, with people I had just met and who would help me and integrate me into their daily live. Nice and interesting people, with an open heart!

12.2008All together it was a very special year, with such a lot of support from everyone! Always doors opened up for me and people welcomed me with open arms. Sometimes I did help in exchange for food and shelter, or I did house and dog sitting. Sometimes I earned money, by sewing, giving readings, helping with a festival for kids, selling cake or fingerpuppets or doing babysitting….THANKS TO EVERYONE who had a part in this and did support me in this time!!!

Juli 2009After nine months the video of Brigitte ( a womens magazine) was released in their online magazine in May 2009. And it felt to me as if I had given birth after nine months of pregnancy. Some weeks bevore I had put a clip on Youtube: “Woman with beard”, which has by now more than 11.000 clicks! Two productioncompanies from the states showed an interest to use this clip as a viral video clip in their shows. Unfortunately they would have used it in a not respectful way, what I did not want, and so I did not sign a contract.

2009 märzAfter the Brigitte Video was released, a lot of filmproductioncompanes wrote me and asked to do a short film with me. RTL did show a short report in “Explosiv” about the Brigitte Film und women with beards. Then two reports for Akte 09 were made. In july there was a fotoshooting with SL Fotodesign, with the idea to make a calendar with the fotos for the next year. RTL Explosiv Weekend showed a film about the fotoshooting and how different I can look in all these costumes.

Another report will be soon on TV, on the 16th of August, on RTL “Faszination Leben”. This one will show me giving a talk and other situations.

Mai 2009What an exciting and adventures year!! I feel a lot of gratitude for this wondrous year, that did enrich my live so much. Never thought that this would happen! Did not plan it conciously. It just happened, as it happened that I let my beard grow from one day to another. Everything unfolds magically…..I never thought before about writing a blog. Did not even know it exists. And did not expect me to really do it day by day for one year! I had a lot of fun doing this and adding fotos.

Juli 2009It is now a few days, that I started thinking about, how life will go on. I am a bit tired of writing this diary in the way I do. It takes a lot of time. Time that I would like to use for other new projects. Projects that give me money. This blog does not give money. WordPress does not really allow to add advertisments and I do not like it too.

So I am thinking about giving a break to me and writing the diary. And we will see..…how it goes and perhaps it will write with me…so that the diary will go on…


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