Day 366 – Birthday of the beard! One year old

Frau mit Bart 04. August 2009Today the beard got one year old! Happy Birthday! Birthday cake and a candle?! Would be nice to make a party today!

My birthday, some time ago, was not important to me,….but this birthday, I feel is important to me. Well it is the first one and something special to have the beard now for one year!

Some did ask me: Now after one year, will you shave again and get rid of the beard? Wasn´t it meant to be an experiment for one year?

NO. After all that I realized in this one year, it would be paradox to shave or plug out the hair again.  – It would be back to normal life! To adapt, as usual. How else do you want to find a job!

I am still thinking about whether I should make it a bit shorter or not. ….Something inside of me doesn´t want to cut. And then I hear the thought: This looks quite wild. Shorter is more beautiful. Beautiful? What ideal of beauty? Interesting thinking about this: Would I trim the beard to please me? Or would I only do it to please the others?

The waggish side of me wants to have a wild beard. The wild woman wants to express and to come out! She wants to do funny crazy things. Wants to show and play with the way she looks! Living the wild side is  fun, and gives a feeling of being alive! Remember the 10 points of Patch Adams?

  1. Turn off your TV and become interesting. Perform yourself.
  2. Consider being silly in public. Sing out loud. Wear funny stuff. (these are just 2 out of 10 points that he prescribes)

To shave the beard, would just be to have my peace and to adapt and try to please the ideal of beauty, that the mass is adapting to. I would cut it out of fear to be rejected. And then I would be there, where I started when I was plucking out the hair on my chin.

I like myself with the beard. It feels consistent.

About this subject I had been thinking a lot during this one year. If I want to have my peace, I withdraw myself from the people. This I already did without the beard. It is not necessary to cut the beard to be in peace. The past two weeks, I did withdraw. First I did not understand why, and then I realized that I had worked too much and had gone over my limits. In these times I need to withdraw to refill the bateries with or without having a beard.  – This I wrote, because some people think the beard makes my live so hard, that I should cut it. But the beard is a friend that makes me understand so many things about life and myself.


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