Day 366 Dresden

Haustür Dresden NeustadtYesterday I went around in the Neustadt of Dresden. My mood was much better. In two shops the saleswomen asked me about my beard. Both wanted to know: How come I have a beard? And I explained to them as far as I know it is kind of inherited, as the women in the oriental countries, as the turkish, iranian and other are more hairy and have beards, that they usually trim so you won´t notice. And as I am half iranian, this might be an inheritage. The other thing is that being overweighted can make the hair grow more easily, as this also has an influence on the hormons. But what about Jennifer Miller? She is a clown in New York, has a much more developed beard than me and is slim!! And what about women with much more overweight than me, that do not get a beard? I guess scientists can investigate more on this field. And perhaps it is “normal” that 30 % of the women would have a beard, if they wouldn´t fight against it, because men want it that way!! And the women want to attract the men!

Neustadt Dresden August 2009One of them told me that it is really crazy by now that men and women are shaving their whole body in order to be hairless, and that they have to make appointments for sex… not to have scratching hair on their body that just started growing again!

I realize that a woman with a beard looks to some people male and people say that she wants to be male. But what about men that are shaving in the face or the whole body? Does anyone say they want to be female? Or that they look female without bodyhair? !

pulswärmer August 2009 Since some days I started sewing again. I was really longing to! I am sewing these muffetees for the winter. They are made out of woolen felt material. Hoping to make some money for my living or to finally be able to buy the van, to live in!

To work with the colors and the material is great and feels good. Something to touch and a good contrast to writing.


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