Day 378….how disgusting….a beard on a woman

Most of the reactions to the tv report, “Faszination Leben”, were friendly, supporting, encouraging and positive. Some reacted with disgust and some other expressions. One of  them even felt harassed by my appearance.

The problem for them is that this woman has a beard. If she was a man – no one would have taken notice of the beard…..But it is not acceptable that a woman has a beard. And above all she even lets people do a film about her and showing it on TV!!

What thoughts would the same people have, if under my picture would be written this is a man? Would they still feel disgusted? Is it the way the beard has grown? Does it need some styling? ! Someone wrote my beard is matted..

Why do they react so extreme? Is it the education, society, media?

It is amazing what reactions such a few innocent hairs on the “wrong spot” can cause! On other parts of the body people  are longing for them if they are not there…

Seeing this from a distance I find it quite amusing. Such a lot of fear is being caused by bodyhair!? How dangerous are these hairs?!

Why do people like it more to be pierced or having a tatoo, then their own bodyhair?!

Seeing a fly the other day in my room, I understood why I used to kill it: because I was afraid. I was afraid it could fly into my face and tickle me, that it would leave its shit on the lamp and bring germs onto my food, which might cause illness….etc…. My fear was bigger than this little animal. To really look at the fear, and to ask yourself is it true  what I believe, can open up the eyes and the heart and suddenly the fear has gone.

What are you fighting against just out of fear?!


4 Responses

  1. dudes that is wicked cool i want a beard!

  2. I like the bearded woman…I am a woman without a beard, but her face does something with me…

  3. I thought a lot about the strong negative reactions that some people show about your beard, or about other people who are living their lives a bit outside the mainstream.
    While I understand that you can say “I would never go out with a beard and I find it ugly!”, I was curious about the reason for these strong feelings that speak of fear and even feel like hatress in some of the comments. Why do people care?

    I think the reason is this: If you have spent many sad hours in front of a mirror being unhappy with your body, hating and hiding your big nose, your bad skin, your belly or whatsoever isn’t “perfect” (a feeling that at least most young women share in our society, imho), it must be highly offensive to see that someone has broken free from this kind of suffering. You feel even a bit stupid. And feel your way of life threatened, And catch a glimpse of how wrong it is. This is very scary, I think, and if you are not prepared to put your way of life in question, you have to react strong to close this door again.

  4. […] Also in die Stadt geradelt. Viele Leute gefragt auch in Cafes doch alle wussten nichts oder wollten nichts wissen. Denn, was auch sehr anstrengend hier ist, die Menschen achten in Italien sehr sehr extrem auf ihr Aeusseres! Und wenn da so ein Zwitterwesen entlang kommt, dass sich als Frau mit Bart herausstellt, dann trifft dass hier eher auf Widerstand bei den Leuten. Bei den Frauen fast noch mehr, als bei den Maennern! Dabei gibt es hier den Spruch: „Donna Barbuta sempre Prescuta. “ Was so viel wie: Eine Frau mit Bart gefaellt immer….Ja vielleicht im Circus! Aber nicht im realen Leben. Da reagieren die Frauen eher mit Wut, so wie es heute Maddove in einem Kommentar zum Tag 378 auf dem englischen Blog schrieb. […]

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