Day 405 Train to Basel

Basel Schweiz BahnhofWith the night train I went to Basel last night. When I opened the compartment to the sleepingwagon for women, the two ladies inside told me that this compartment is only for ladies. I answered I am a lady and entered! They both did not ask any questions, even later I was talking with one of them for a while. And I did not want to give any explanations about myself without them asking.

Since I read about CAIS I was smiling inside of me. A woman that looks like a woman but is geneticaly a man, would be allowed in the womens compartment. A person looking like a man but being a women inside would be excluded. What a mess…all these gender boxes! What a crazy world that needs to divide into men and women…..white and black….will it ever be possible to just see a human being as a human being?!


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