Artists of the Tour “Perlen und Freaks” in Switzerland

These are some Videos of the artists, being on Tour with Ursus and Nadeshkins “Perlen und Freaks” (Perls and Freaks) in Switzerland this autum.

From the Clowns BP Zoom I was not able to set the Video into the page.  On Daily Motion there is a video with the title: “a wonderful world.”

The first video here shows Morgan from France juggling.

The second shows Valerie Inertie with the huge ring …I don´t know the name. When she was performing my mouth stood open…she is amazing…..

Duo Iroshnikow is amazing too….

Hilty und Bosch are doing breakdance: “Locking” and this simultaniously…

Annamateur mit Anna Maria Scholz, Stefan Braun und Reentko Dirks …are great I did put links already before……

Ursus und Nadeschkin are moderating the show…..there are more videos on you tube..

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