Biel meeting kids on a playground….

Biel In Biel on the playground of a school the kids stared at me. They spoke french and asked me why I do have a beard and why I do not shave.

My answer did not quite satisfy them. And they told me that in school they would learn that women do not have a beard and that it does not exist. I told them that there are more women with beards, but the girl I was talking to did not accept my answer and told me that this does not exist.

So the kid believes his teachers and the schoolbooks. And me I am not real! Perhaps it thought I am pretending, telling a lie…don´t know. It seemed impossible for this girl that a woman with a beard exists. Biel

Later I played with one of the girls ball. Other were curious and joined in until we played with more than 10 girls with the ball. Some left, after they had seen enough, others were called by the teacher. The kids were around 8 and 9 years old.


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