Day 454

Meanwhile I am back from Switzerland in Germany. I left Dresden, where I spend the last months and went back to an area close to Lueneburg in the north of Germany, where a lot of alternative people are living. A few kilometers away is Gorleben a place where the atomic waste is “stored”. More than 20 years ago people protested against this storage place and moved in this area.  The landscape and nature in this area called Wendland is beautiful.

I am happy now to live together with some people in the nature. Great to have silence.

I do not have to tell much more. Life is going on. The beard is part of me and the reactions of people are more or less the same. Some don´t care, others are wondering or staring. In this area of germany people seem to be more tolerant for people who are “different”.

If you understand german you can have a look at my german blog where I write more often than on this blog.