Day 547

These days there is a lot of snow. The busses are only driving on the main roads. Schools have been closed today. And the roads are iced and white. Never in Germany I experienced that much snow. Besides times in the south of germany where this is “normal”.

I moved to another place. Living now on a little old farm with horses and families with kids. Having my own place and nice neighbourhood. This will only be for a couple of months, and then I have to find again another place, as this is rented in holidaytime to guests.

I feel fine here. The beard is not an issue anymore. Quite normal. People see the person behind and after a couple of hours they don´t even see the beard anymore. So I often don´t know what I should write in this blog.


One Response

  1. You know, I think you’re a really beautiful woman. Who cares what others think? It’s refreshing to see women who are proud of themselves and who are proud that they don’t fit the mold that society and the media has created. You go, girl! 🙂

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