Day 555

Yesterday I was so tired. To get up early take the bus and drive one hour to Lueneburg is not what I like. The air in the bus is sticky and the bus too crowded. There are only 4 or 5 busses a day leaving from the place I live. It is a village with a few houses, no shops.

I moved to the countryside because I love to be in the nature and not to be in crowded places. Now the Arbeitsamt – the unemployment agency has given me a course that I need to go to every day. In this course we learn things like making leaflets and websites and things that are necessary to do your own buisiness or to find a job. It is ok. Giving inspiration. Just going there every day is a bit too much, because I am out the whole day and I was starting to enjoy countrylife. The peace and quiteness.

The roads are still covered with snow and it is getting more instead of melting. The roads are slippery and I am looking forward to spring.

This time I will really appreciate when the leaves are green and flowers are coming out again.

The landscape being so white is good. I guess less people are suffering this year from the winter depression.


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