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Day 590

The landscape around here, now without snow is very pale. Desertlike. Thechirping of the birds shows that soon spring will arrive. And when you have a look closer to nature you can see that it is just about to explode. The buds on the twigs are preparing to open up. The first flowers are open already in the garden….so I guess can´t be long till spring is here.

My headache and dizzy feeling made me go to the doctor again. He did not think it is necessary to take an MRT or CT or else. But to be shure I will see another doctor tomorrow. Anyway, I think I will have to give myself another two weeks of rest to heal.

Norrie May-Wellby Not a man – not a woman

Norrie May-Welby a person from Australia has now officially been stated to be nor man nor woman. In Germany the Stern online from today wrote an article about Norrie and added information in other articles about intersexuality and transgender and more.

Norrie is writing in three Blogs: I who may well be, A eunuchs Love Life und Villawood Refugees.

Sydney Star Observer from Australia has written two articles about NORRIE .

Beard Club

A film about beards is in preparation. With Jennifer Miller in it! Here is the link to the webside