Day 629

Last week there was an article about me in a magazine in the UK. This is the link.


Male or female?

What is this? A human being…male or female?! What counts? The titts or the beard? How do you know someone is male or female? And above all what does it matter!

Bearded Ladies eat little children?!

In Germany there is a story for kids called Ritter Rost and the Vampire and in this story they say that the bearded lady would eat the little children and in the end they say bearded ladies do not exist. Well this one exists and she doesn´t like to eat little children……

Bearded Lady Song II

Day 622

today, 71 years ago a bearded lady died at the age of 74 years. Her name was Madame Clémentine Delait (Clattaux), she lived in France in Thaon-les-Vosges. She had a restaurant there and sold postcards with pictures of herself. She was born the 5th of march 1865 and died april, 19th 1939. Today there is a little museum about Clementine Deltait, in Thaon-les-Vosges.

Looking in the internet for pages with bearded ladies I found one with lots of pictures. This is the link to the page.

There are pictures of bearded ladies I didn´t hear before. Some look so male, that I guess they were crossdressers….but who knows…..some people tell me I look very male, so perhaps it is just like this, that bearded woman look somehow male…one of them I thought it was a man or a hermaphrodite was Stella.

On the blog of Loewin, another bearded woman living in Germany, is the link to an interview with Salma Hajek and about her role playing the bearded lady.