Video 80% girl and 20% boy

This is a video about a person who is XXY and intersexual and raised as a boy, but feeling as a woman and now after 30 years doing the transition to female.

In the video it is said that there are about 40 different gender not only two…


Photo by Iwajla Klinke

In april Iwajla Klinke a photographer made this foto of me. She had the idea of me wearing the clothes of the pastor from church. So I asked around and found someone who gave me his robe for a couple of hours. The light that came into the room changed the color of the vestment from black to blue.

Day 653

In Germany a fresh green is to be seen, gras is growing the trees are green, but the temperatures are again low and it is clouded and rainy. Not what you expect for may.

Today I found a cellist, on Youtube, called Rebecca Roudman. This song gives me a summerfeeling and I really love Cello Music! Some years ago I started to learn how to play the Cello, but it is a long project to get to know how to play the cello. After half a year I had to stop, as I was moving around and could not go to classes anymore. I hope to go on practising one day…..It is great to play an instrument!

This one is very special together with Didgeridoo and drum!! Great….just a bit short..

Some more music played by Rebecca Roudman:

Day 652

Some time ago there was a fotoshooting by Sebastian Lang and his team, where I was wearing differnt clothes, male and female and old fashioned ones….SL Fotodesign is the name of his company and the pictures were showing how just the make up and the clothes were changing me from a woman into a man.

Links to sideshow pages

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